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Powerful Presentation and Pitching Skills

We live in an increasingly competitive world where clients or employers no longer rely on what’s on your CV. So how do you form a genuine connection with another human being that creates a deep and lasting impression? 

The more technically savvy we’ve become, the more we need to connect with other people using our human interactions.  It’s often said that people buy people – we trust a brand if we respect and like the people behind it and the same is true of your expertise and skills on offer. If people don’t connect or like you, they won’t invest in you.  You’ll see this on ‘Dragon’s Den’ when someone pitches a great product, has all their numbers lined up but appears lacking in confidence, un-focussed and argumentative.  The dragons will say ‘I like your product, but I can’t see how you and I can work together, so I’m out’. 

Future employers, current bosses and new clients need to see your potential for growth, your ability to become part of their team and the likelihood of you becoming integral to their and your success. This masterclass is designed to bring out your best qualities and empower you with new pitching and presentation skills so that you can flourish in an environment where people invest in you. This creative presentation skills masterclass will enable you to gain confidence, learn from group feedback and work with a tutor who has extensive experience in personal presentation and pitching. 

Masterclass Outline

  • Transform your presentation and pitching skills
  • Gain confidence in your personal style and skills by group feedback
  • Create your capsule pitch and understand how to build trust
  • Put together a tool kit of bespoke presentation skills for your future success

Learning Outcomes

  • A thorough analysis of how you appear through first impressions.  What does your appearance, body language and energy level say about you?
  • Learn the secrets of non-verbal communication and how build rapport and trust through authenticity and confidence
  • Understand the balance of learning how to present yourself professionally and learning how to stand out from the crowd
  • Understand how language can transform your presentation and pitching by simple tricks of replacing negative message with positive, powerful words
  • Learn the secrets of great story-telling by creating your personal capsule pitch with impact and memorability
  • See the secrets of the greatest presenters and learn how to model some of their habits on your own presentation and pitching with authenticity
  • See yourself and your presentations on screen, with positive, empowering feedback and progress insights. 
  • Practice the essential do’s and don’ts to add to your presentation and pitching tool kit

Suitable for

Established managers and creatives who need to present to external clients, internal business partners and in networking situations. 

Your Facilitator

Sonia Beldom coaches presentation and pitching skills for individuals, businesses, public speakers, celebrities and media-facing expert contributors. 

As a producer in radio and television she has spent a career building the confidence of people in the broadcast and public speaking world, directing them in how to project their presentation, performance and expertise on camera, microphone and in print. 

Sonia runs a TV production company and a specialist media training company, New Direction Training.  Her courses are immersive, energetic, practical and offer individual feedback and follow-up. For those looking for training presentation tips, there can be no better workshop than Sonia’s.

“We’ve used your presentation skills training in all areas of our work – it’s paying great dividends in bringing in new clients and we’re all feeling energised in selling”

NH Art Lights London

“I had no idea how I came across – this masterclass has been of enormous benefit and our new initiative rolled out with energy and no hitches – thank you”

SM CEO Royal Opera House

“Our products are flying off the shelves since we won the New Business of the Year Award – thanks to you and your fantastic advice on how to pitch ourselves”

AK Heck Foods
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