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Packaging Designs that Show Plenty of Bottle

Pop open a bottle of wine or help yourself to an ice-cold beer as we celebrate the very best packaging design examples.

If you're looking for the best source of packaging design inspiration, delve in below and get tipsy on creativity, as we uncover seven of the most innovative designs from our Awards Archive.


AwardWood Pencil / Packaging Design / 2015
Agency: Estudio Dorian
Client: Pesca Salada

Pesca Salada is a small cocktail bar known for its unique marine-inspired decor. It's considered one of the Barcelona's pioneering gin cocktail bars. The design for Pesca Salad's gins is based on the same marine atmosphere that characterises the space. As each bottle is emptied a visual game takes place in which the swimmers appear to interact with the gin.

Estudio Dorian Rawal Seven Packaging Designs That Show Plenty Of Bottle

News Bottle!

AwardWood Pencil / Packaging Design / Packaging Design / 2014
Agency: Dentsu Tokyo
Client: The Mainichi Newspaper

To encourage young people to rediscover the value of newspapers, Dentsu Tokyo developed a medium that continuously increases the contact points between young people and the Mainichi Newspaper. Dentsu Tokyo changed the packaging of the mineral water that is bought by young Japanese each day into a newspaper, and over one month sold 31 varieties. They succeeded in creating a new medium through using an advertising framework on the packaging. Also, using AR technology incorporated into the bottle packaging, they made it possible for news updates to be read.

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Absolut Unique

AwardYellow Pencil / Packaging Design / Packaging Design / 2013
Agency: Family Business
Client: The Absolut Company

Absolut Vodka has for years led the way in vodka packaging, with limited edition packs like Absolut Disco, Absolut Rock and Absolut Illusion. For 2012, it was time to redefine the concept of limited editions itself. The idea was to make four million unique bottles, so that each and every bottle became a limited edition in itself. The Family Business rebuilt the production line, and used every possible aspect of glass decoration in a new way. The campaign ran globally between September and December 2012, with amazing sales and media coverage.

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Heineken STR Bottle

AwardYellow Pencil / Packaging Design / Packaging Design / 2012
Agency: Iris Worldwide & dbod
Client: Heineken

How do you make a mass-market product desirable in up-market environments? Usually, it’s only the beer in the bottle that consumers seek out. But what if the bottle could become an experience in itself? STR, with its premium, minimalist aluminium design, is the world’s first UV reactive bottle. The bottle looks amazing, feels amazing and reveals the Heineken Star Trail when under UV light. The STR bottle was first distributed in a bespoke 3D capsule to trade partners. Today it can be seen lighting up high-end nightclubs and bars around the world.

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Bootleg Wine Collection

AwardWood Pencil / Packaging Design / Packaging Design / 2006
Agency: Turner Duckworth
Client: Click Wine Group

Bootleg celebrates the creativity and style of a new generation of Italian winemakers by offering a collection of daring interpretations of classic Italian wines. They wanted to give a new twist to the tired cliché of the shape of Italy as a boot. The result is a sexy expression of contemporary Italian style that appears to wrap the bottle in skin-tight zippered leather.

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St Stefanus

AwardWood Pencil / Packaging Design / Packaging Design / 2012
Agency: Brandhouse WTS
Client: SABMiller

St Stefanus originates from the Augustinian order in Ghent and is brewed according to traditional principles dating back to 1295. All iconography and typography is inspired by the St Stefanus Monastery in Ghent (logo based on library manuscripts, crown taken from a stained glass window). The beer is brewed with three different yeasts and refermented in the bottle, enabling consumers to drink at varying stages of maturity according to personal taste. Each bottle of beer has a cellar release date and signature giving consumers the knowledge that they are drinking a truly handcrafted, premium drink.

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Johnnie Walker 1910 Special Edition Bottles

AwardYellow Pencil / Packaging Design / Packaging Design / 2012
Agency: LOVE
Client: Diageo

Diageo asked LOVE to create a special edition range of whiskey bottles to celebrate the launch of the world's first whiskey embassy, Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai. Johnnie Walker has a long and distinguished history in China. Records show that it landed in Shanghai in as early as 1910. LOVE used this heritage as our inspiration, fusing Scottish and Chinese cultures by creating a set of willow patterned, white porcelain square bottles that commemorate Johnnie Walker's pioneering ambition and epic voyage across continents and oceans.

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