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Mobile Technology with Humanity

Former Foreman of the D&AD Awards Mobile Marketing Jury, Wain Choi is Vice President and Global Executive Creative Director at Cheil Worldwide Inc. Headquartered in Seoul, Cheil was founded in 1973 and ranks as the one of the world’s largest advertising agencies.

In this article, Wain looks at the mobile marketing criteria that makes up a successful campaign, and how technology can bring us together as people rather than force us apart.

Wain Choi D&AD Mobile Marketing Judge
I love work that is a fabric of our everyday lives, that can change the cultural landscape...ideas that move people, make us laugh, cry, and think.
We are too entrenched in how we can be connected and perceived through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. We are judged solely by participation numbers: likes and number of viewers or hearts. You can see how all case studies end with results; 250% increase in sales, 50% increase in market share and so on. It’s truly hilarious. To me this does not truly reflect how one feels; these superficial numbers are like steroids for creativity. 

See how an App Helped to Improve Communications Skills in Autistic Children

Look at Me, Graphite Pencil, Mobile Marketing, 2015, Cheil Worldwide
There is an honesty in our creativity that says 'here’s a great idea that inspires people to follow'. It’s not about whether I agree or disagree – it should come from human truth. 
Our tendency is to look for things that are out of this world; the latest, the most advanced and something so intricate when defining cutting-edge creativity. But for me I reach back to the basics, the foundation of what is great. It always starts with the idea that moves the viewers through insight, not just by the latest or the greatest technology.
For me it’s really all about how technology touches humanity and brings us closer. 
For example, hybrid cars were developed to make the environment better and produce energy that’s sustainable. Giving back to the nature we have destroyed. It should never be technology for technology's sake only.
Tech needs to connect people the way it used to; the warmth of watching television as a family, a road trip that leaves amazing memories, a long distance telephone conversation that brings loved ones closer through a meaningful dialogue that lingers for days. These innovations truly touched humanity and brought warmth through technology.


Do Good While you Sleep with Samsung's Power Sleep App

Samsung Power Sleep, Wood Pencil, White Pencil - Creativity for Good, 2015, Cheil Austria
The Mobile category is still a new breed in our award shows, but soon it will be become a standard category. Once we forget about it as a category, we can then begin to create ideas that truly reflect our everyday lives. 
We carry our phone everywhere. We use them almost every waking minute of our lives. It has become the technology that defines us. It contains our history, our loved ones, our plans and our interests.
The more we become familiar with digital and mobile, the more we will have more cutting-edge creative work. The idea being the main focus, rather than the technology. 
I look forward to seeing ideas that touch and move us with their delivery of powerful human emotions. As technology becomes more advanced, I feel the appreciation for humanity growing. As a creative, I expect to bring human truth to ideas and let them connect, change, and define our generation.


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