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Mobile Just Got Real

Amy Vale, Vice President of global research & strategic communications at mobile ad network Mojiva, on designing mobile first, mobile marketing trends and why the growth of smartphones and tablets cannot be ignored.

D&AD Mobile Marketing Amy Vale

This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, and I’ll probably keep saying it until it happens. For brands, agency Creative Directors and the like who say the smaller screen size of mobile devices hinder their ability to deliver ads that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, I respectfully and heartily disagree. Smartphone and tablet growth is a fact that brands and agencies cannot ignore.

With millions of people relying on their mobile devices for all manners of things, and tablet shipments alone expected to double from 120 to 250 million units by 2016, I can say without a shadow of doubt that brands that don’t leverage and integrate mobile first into their overall advertising strategies will suffer tremendously (and lose customers and revenue). With the likes of the iPhone 5 hitting the market (and the hands of millions of consumers worldwide), the need to deliver real innovation, creativity and results via mobile advertising is very real.

"Step out of the rigid box of what’s “creative” and create a new breed of creative."

Amy Vale

Mobile advertising, when done well, can do some incredibly bold and powerful things that don’t just entertain or engage users, but also deliver ROI and sales. I challenge traditional brand marketers, creative directors, media planners and media buyers to step out of the rigid box of what’s “creative” and create a new breed of creative who understands the unique capabilities of mobile devices, leverages mobile to grab a chunk of that $20 billion monetization opportunity analyst Mary Meeker so aptly discussed at the D10 conference and, most importantly, help brands boost their customer engagement and revenue.

D&AD Mobile Marketing Amy Vale

What types of mobile ad units can this new breed of creative leverage to extend the scope and reach of their advertising campaigns? Research from eMarketer shows that mobile ad spending on rich media and banner ads will continue to increase dramatically over the next several years, with a projected growth of 365 percent from 2012 to 2016. These predictions fall in line with our own Mobile Advertising Portal research, which found that rich media campaign impressions increased 30 percent on the Mojiva ad network from February – June 2012.

"Just as the advertising industry looked at online with scepticism, so do our peers with mobile."

Amy Vale

Recent improvements in technology, coupled with the rollout of 4G across Europe, point to a huge opportunity for brand marketers to deliver mobile video ads that are fast to download, entertaining to watch and, most importantly, convert to clicks. For those that insist that video isn’t as effective or engaging on smartphones or tablets, I point to a recent report from Pew Reseach Center that found that 44 percent of U.S. adults own smartphones and 22 percent of U.S. adults own tablets.

Just as the advertising industry looked at online with scepticism, so do our peers with mobile. But the growth and adoption of mobile worldwide will only grow over the next ten years. Instead of letting ourselves become confined to the traditional definitions of “creative” and “creativity,” we have to evolve it to keep pace with new and emerging technologies and innovations.

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