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Exercise: how to push ideation

Following on from our Breaking Down a Brief exercise, this one is all about ideation. Take the idea you’re settling on at the moment, however big or small, and see if you can stretch it.

Ready, Steady... Go!

So you’ve got the start of an idea. But before you go any further, we’re going to throw you a curveball to test your creativity.

Step 1: The Curveball – 5 Minutes

Take a look at this up-and-coming trend from global trend forecasters, The Future Laboratory. Look at it good and proper.

 How To Push Ideation

Here's an example of this trend in action from one of our very own New Blood winners.

Award: Yellow Pencil / New Blood Awards / 2014
Credits: Lena Paik & Nicholas Cheong / Lasalle College of the Arts

Step 2: Ideation – 15 Minutes

Now take this trend and apply it to your idea. Don’t change the idea you had, just inject this trend into it. Imagine you’re working on an ad about energy drinks, then the client says, ‘That’s a great idea, but now incorporate Pink Elephants too.’ How can you apply this trend as an extra layer to the idea?

Pitch O' Clock – 1 Minute

It’s really important to share your ideas. Getting others' opinions on what you’re doing is another great source of inspiration. Share what you’ve done in this exercise with someone, whether it’s a classmate, your lecturer or your mum. Tell them in 60 seconds:

  • What the original idea was.
  • What the trend or idea you applied was.
  • How you incorporated it into your idea.

Nailed It!

Once you’ve had a go with this trend, try this out with absolutely anything. Can you take inspiration from a different discipline and apply it to your idea? You never know what doing something like this could spark. Take inspiration from everywhere. It might not work in the final idea, but it will stretch your creativity and open up your thinking.

You can always tweet us @DandADNewBlood. Show us what you've got. Show us your ideas. Show off. We'll show you some love. 

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