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An Evening with Creative Directors

"It's a job that nobody, but nobody, teaches you how to do."

D&AD Creative Training Workshop

Nicky Bullard, Executive Creative Director, LIDA

Stephen Hancock, Group Creative Director, Media Arts Lab

Taking place in the evening, as the name suggests, and in the convivial setting of a restaurant, ‘An Evening With Creative Directors’ is like no other D&AD Creative Training course. Spending time seated next to each of the three varying Creative Directors, you’ll have the chance to pick their brains as they pass on their hard-earn wisdom and industry insights. 

Heading up a creative team isn’t easy. It’s a job that nobody, but nobody, teaches you how to do. Usually, creative directors are promoted into the position because of their talent and award-winning work, not because they know how to run a department. In most cases, they’ve never held any type of management post before. And like all management jobs, being a creative director calls for a different set of skills from those of a writer, art director or designer. 

Which brings us to An Evening with Creative Directors. It’s a chance to spend an evening picking the brains of three highly experienced creative directors, to learn as much as possible about how they do their jobs. In the process, you will end up understanding much better how to do yours.

What happens at the dinner?

At the restaurant you'll be seated next to one of the senior creative directors, to give you the chance to have a one-to-one conversation. After each course, you will swap places with somebody else, so by the end of the meal you'll have spoken to all three senior creative directors, and have been able to question each of them on your personal challenges. 

It is an opportunity to hear first-hand their hard-earned words of wisdom and discuss the qualities of what makes a successful creative director. 

As Penny Parnell, Creative Director at Team Spirit, said afterwards, "I thoroughly enjoyed it. I came away from the evening inspired, more knowledgeable and energised".

Who it’s for

  • Creative people who have recently been appointed to lead a creative team
  • Those who aspire to be a creative director, or are about to become one
  • Creative group heads with a number of teams under their supervision
  • Anyone who wishes to learn more about being a creative director

What they say

“It was more than I expected and reaffirmed why I love what I do.”

William Barraclough
UE Principal Visual Designer
Betfair Limited

“Great to meet some heroes.”

Julian Cross
Creative Director

Looking for More Information?

Unfortunately, we're not running this course at the moment. But we will be soon. To find out more and discuss the finer details with a D&AD Training professional, please leave your details and someone will be in touch very shortly via email.

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