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Winners of the Chivas x New Blood Quickfire Brief on their winning concepts

Two creative responses - challenging stereotypes and finding purpose - caught the eye of the whisky brand Chivas Regal

Quickfire x Chivas Regal winners

The Quickfire challenge set by Chivas Regal asked emerging creatives to deliver a social/digitally-led campaign, to harness Chivas’ brand power to market their products to a new generation around the world. The brand chose two stand-out winning entries: “Live Extra” by Ceri Wyn Jones is a campaign designed to use Chivas and its product Chivas Extra 13 to celebrate artists, musicians, designers and creative people. “Creativity is diversity” by Camille Laurenti and Lily Pearson aims to shed light on the lack of diversity in the creative industry through education and real-world action with a digital and physical activation with Chivas Regal at the heart.

We spoke to the creatives behind the winning work about the thinking behind their ideas.


Challenging stereotypes with ‘Live Extra’ by Ceri Wyn Jones

Ceri Wyn Jones: “The whisky community, *traditionally has always been heavily marketed towards the male population - so much so that certain stereotypes and connotations have automatically attached themselves onto the drinks core branding. My inspiration for the idea stemmed from a passion to change these stereotypes and transform Chivas into an accessible and modern brand that the younger generation of today can feel welcome in purchasing.”  

“#LiveExtra grew into an idea to represent zero outcasting or stereotyping based on who you are or what gender you represent or how much whisky knowledge you have. The idea was to create something that instead of alienating people based on what they aren’t, celebrated them on what they are. To celebrate people for their quirks and their extravagance as individuals.”


“I started mood-boarding images, colours, and logo designs together with Chivas’ packaging and website to see what type of aesthetic the campaign would take hold. I created short simple mock ads to get a visual of my ideas, once I had picked the initial framework for the idea I went to work on implementing it. I experimented with making tweets, Spotify ads, youtube pre-rolls but ultimately decided that Instagram stories were going to be one of the campaign's main modes of advertising”

“The brief pushed me to problem solve and allowed me to gain insight from the client's perspective - the whole process taught me a lot about marketing to younger millennials and Gen-Z and what’s important to them. Responding to a brief for a drinks company also forced me to consider alternative advertising methods, a drink isn’t like a washing machine - it’s not something you can just describe, it’s about taste and winning the mindset of the customer over without making it too obvious.”


Finding a purpose with ‘Creativity is diversity’ by Camille Laurenti & Lily Pearson

Quickfire x Chivas Regal winners

Camille: “The primary inspiration of the idea was purpose. Nowadays, what really appeals to people are value-driven approaches. They are tired of meaningless marketing messages. Lily and I really wanted to make sure our idea would have enough credibility and meaning to reach Chivas’ new desired target audience.” 

Lily: “We recognised that Chivas’ target consumer values experience and seeks out brands that demonstrate an involvement in social and political issues. Gen Z and millennials also use social media to strengthen their relationships with brands as well as to educate themselves about new products.”


Lily: “This process of unpicking the brief, creating a brand overview, understanding the target consumer and generating a situational analysis led to the creation of the CreativityisDiversity campaign and its mission statement; to encourage and promote racial diversity within the creative industries through education, awareness, funding and creating spaces for conversation.”

Lily: “As we developed the different tactics that the campaign would include (including the pop-up event, cocktail menu purpose-led influencer marketing), we made sure that the points specified in the Quickfire brief were not lost. We considered the logistics behind the campaign, developing a timeline and considering budget allocation.”

Camille: “Post-covid, people need to experience physical interactions and events. Nonetheless, digital is still crucial. The audience targeted is mostly made up of digital natives, and connecting with them, creating strong bonds by engaging in socio-political causes that are valuable to them, and to which they can relate to on social media has become a necessity.”


Both winners of the Chivas x Quickfire brief receive a cash prize and will be featured in the New Blood Awards Ceremony 2021. 


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