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Seven Social Good Campaigns That Have Already Entered D&AD Impact

D&AD Impact is a new award by D&AD and Advertising Week to celebrate the power of creativity to stimulate positive change. It covers 12 different categories, with the aim of awarding those who are having an influence in a diverse range of areas and industries.

We've selected seven entries, taken from several categories, as a sample of the kind of original and innovative work our judges will be considering.

Humanitarian Aid: Crack + Cider by Scarlett Montanaro and Charlotte Cramer

D&AD Impact Social Good Campaigns

Set up by Londoners Scarlett and Charley, Crack + Cider offers a no-nonsense approach to helping the homeless. The duo's store stocks just five key products – each chosen in partnership with local shelters and rough sleepers. Named for the prejudice faced by many homeless individuals – “People don't give me money because they just think I'll spend it on crack and cider” – the store focuses on delivering essential items that will actively and immediately improve the lives of those sleeping on the street.

Environmental Sustainability: Edible Six Pack Rings by We Believers

D&AD Impact Social Good Campaigns

Images of turtles caught in plastic six pack rings are, sadly, not a novelty. So Saltwater Brewery transformed an unfortunate truth into an opportunity, turning barley and wheat remnants from the brewing process into edible rings. The resulting alternative is as lightweight and resistant as conventional plastic packaging, but can be safely consumed by wildlife. And even if it doesn't find its way into a marine meal, the rings still break down naturally in the water.

Health & Wellness: Free the Kids by MullenLowe

D&AD Impact Social Good Campaigns

Persil demonstrated that #dirtisgood, with a hard-hitting campaign that draws parallels between inmates and children stuck indoors. Using a maximum security prison as a backdrop, Free the Kids highlights research that suggests one in two children spend an hour or less outside each day. With stark photography and messaging, Persil's campaign aims to remind kids and parents alike that there's more to life than TVs and video games.

Government Engagement: GifGoat.party by Ben Silvertown, Ryan Sherman & Snehil Bhushan

D&AD Impact Social Good Campaigns

The ubiquity of the animated gif became a tool for political engagement, in a campaign that saw more than 68,000 goat gifs shared to remind viewers to vote in the EU referendum. As the campaign's strapline runs: “If you've got time to watch a goat gif you've got two minutes to register to vote.”

Health & Wellness: The Nazar Initiative by The Classic Partnership Advertising

D&AD Impact Social Good Campaigns

Dubai eye hospital Aster helped illiterate construction workers take an eye test, using icons of screws, spanners and other equipment in the place of letters. Tests were distributed to 7,000 workers, with the 33% that suffered from poor eyesight given free eye glasses and a further check-up.

Government Engagement: Onemi Radio by Santiago de Chile

D&AD Impact Social Good Campaigns

In earthquake-prone Chile, radio is a key communication medium. In the event that large parts of the country are isolated – as a result of electricity, television, internet and telephones collapsing after a seismic event – the radio broadcasting system is essential. The Onemi Radio relies only on solar power, allowing residents to tune in and stay connected even after an earthquake. 

Health & Wellness: You're Accepted by GPY&R Melbourne

D&AD Impact Social Good Campaigns

This messaging app allows users to send anonymous messages to their network of friends on Facebook, and find out how many would support their decision to come out. Designed to lessen the fear of discovery or discrimination that many feel, the app aims to remind the LGBTI community that there's much more support than they may think.

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