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Global Award Winners Infographic: USA, Japan, Brazil, Australia

Once solely a British affair, the D&AD Awards are now recognised worldwide.

In 2013, over 60% of entries came from outside of the UK – and that’s a figure that continues to rise year-on-year. To highlight the ever-diversifying pool of creative talent and illustrate just how global the D&AD Professional Awards' reach is, Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez has created a set of award winning infographics providing an insight into where certain countries are excelling.

D&AD Award Winners 2013 - USA

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In the USA, there is a true breadth of winners, with US organisations represented in 20 out of 24 Juries. That said, it’s the advertising categories that are best represented – top marks go to TV & Cinema Advertising, closely followed by Film Advertising Crafts and Digital Advertising. And of course, who can forget that killer White Pencil winner – Help I Want to Save a Life, by Droga5. To improve, the USA could up its representation in Book, Product and Spatial Design – where there’s no shortage of great work being created.

The featured projects demonstrate the beautiful craft coming from the States in recent times; BBH NY’s spectacular Susan Glenn, and Find Your Greatness, Jogger by Wieden+Kennedy Portland showed off great copywriting alongside powerful visuals. The Bulleit Bourbon Leather Bag by Sandstrom Design also garnered plenty of fans - so much so that we had to restrain the judges from stealing it for themselves.

D&AD Award Winners 2012 - Japan

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Japan excels at design, and this is exemplified by its plethora of winners in Graphic Design, represented here by Nippon Design Center’s beautiful Migratory Bird illustration. The poppy JA Minds branding repositioned JA through a fun type and icon system. Speaking of which, fans of typography will also be thrilled to see the Font Me project for Adobe brought to life in vibrant fashion by Bascule. One question remains: when will Japan’s equally creative advertising community break through at D&AD? With eight Japanese jurors this year, including five on advertising juries, perhaps now is the time.

D&AD Award Winners 2013 - Brazil

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Brazilian winners explode from the page in the style we’ve come to expect from the most celebratory of nations. It’s hard to miss the importance of football-based campaigns, with My Blood Is Red and Black, and Immortal Fans both earning Nominations in Direct and White Pencil respectively. Photography and cinematography that capture the essence of human emotion also jumps out – perfectly frozen moments feature in Guitar Man, Truck Driver and From Love To Bingo.

Meanwhile, Ogilvy also demonstrates the increasing importance of digital marketing with Coca-Cola’s Happiness Refill. Having established their advertising as a global force, it’s now up to Brazilian designers to prove that they can do the same.

D&AD Award Winners 2013 - Australia

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A stupendous total of 57 Awards went to Australia in 2013 – bolstered by Dumb Ways To Die dominating across the board. But there’s so much more to Australia’s creative output – the country has winners in almost every single jury. It’s hard to miss the ease at which Australian creatives dish out humour; Beer Chase, Smile Makers by Bear Meets Eagle on Fire and Best of Britain demonstrate comedy across media. More of the same please Australia!

The D&AD Professional Awards recognise world-class creativity in categories such as film craft, graphic design and identity. If you think you have a campaign worthy of a D&AD Pencil, you can enter into one of 27 different Professional Awards categories today. 

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