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The industry is changing. No doubt about that. But unlike many voices out there, who claim the changes are negative or frightening, I think we are on the verge of a new dawn for the advertising industry, with the biggest opportunities since its inception.  

Taking the screen age as an opportunity rather than a burden, today we, as an industry, have almost unlimited access to our audience. If today a single living room contains five to eight screens already, imagine how many screens and messages we face during a whole day. There is no minute, except sleeping time, which does not present a chance to talk or interact via screens or devices. No matter if we start early in the morning with the first thing most people do – looking at their mobile device even before they say “Good morning” to their beloved partner lying next to them, or end the day with checking all their social networks and information platforms before going to bed.

Agencies need not necessarily change their day-to-day operations because of the developments stated above. The lifeblood of an agency is essentially composed of the people coming to work every day. However, we have to dramatically change our ways of thinking. We must understand that there are no more channels, no more filters, and no more campaigns in the traditional sense of the word. There is simply a constant communication and interaction between brands and consumers. In extreme cases customers can even become one with the brands they consume. 

The role of an agency will become more and more that of a curator of content, as opposed to a creator of “advertising”. We have to define ourselves as owners and guardians of messages, rather than service providers that get paid per ad. We must live and breathe our messages to keep them alive and make people believe in them, to finally make them follow a brand.

It was never as easy as today to be innovative. What a wonderful world that provides new opportunities every single morning when we open our eyes.

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