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The A to Z of Halloween - K to O

In celebration of Halloween, we’ve delved into our Awards Archive to unearth a definitive A to Z of the most spellbinding, ghostly and downright frightening campaigns the ad world has to offer. Expect monstrous children, the devil in disguise and a tapestry of audio horror, as we serve up letters K to O.

K is for Killer Katy

Killer Katy
Award: Yellow Pencil / Radio / Radio Commercials 1 - 40 Seconds / 2006
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Client: ITV Network

The Coronation Street theme music gets the Psycho treatment.

L is for Lollipop – Take This Lollipop

Take This Lollipop
Award: In Book / Digital Advertising / Web Films / 2012
Agency: Tool of North America
Client: Little Monster

‘Take This Lollipop’ was a self-promotional piece by ad agency Little Monster. Fourteen days before Halloween, a Facebook app launched showing a lollipop on screen and the words: ‘I dare you’. Once you grant permission, you’re taken down into a dark basement, where a sweaty, lurid man logs onto your Facebook page. He scrolls through your profile page, fixated on what he sees. He studies your personal photos, examines your friends list and his grimy hand moves his mouse through your news feeds and personal information (the site is plugging your personal data right into the story). It’s an ominous, disturbing and thought provoking experience... a sort of twisted and frightening fairy tale, personalised.

M is for Monsters

Award: In Book / Press Advertising / Press Advertising Campaigns / 2013
Agency: DDB South Africa
Client: McDonald’s South Africa

To convince parents that McDonald’s is the perfect venue for kids’ parties, DDB South Africa highlighted a child’s monstrous potential for destruction – destruction that could take place in your beloved home. So why not have the party at McDonald’s instead?

N is for Nightmare - “Fe Fi Fo Fum” Nightmare Creatures II

"Fe Fi Fo Fum" Nightmare CReatures II
Award: In Book / TV & Cinema Advertising Crafts / Sound Design / 2001
Agency: Outsider
Client: Konami of America

Eerie chanting and the voices of children playing create the backdrop for this horrific poetry reading. The images of pale, tight, frightened faces reciting the lines of the poem in trance-like fashion. The spot starts with the image of a dead raven hanging upside down in a field. The voices of the speakers alternate from ghostly whispers to raspy aged croaks. Barking dogs and a chainsaw motor add to the sound tapestry as it builds to a terrifying and dramatic crescendo. You've been warned.

O is for One Hell of a Leader

One Hell of a Leader
Award: In Book / Editorial & Book Design / Magazine Covers / 2005
Agency: LA Weekly
Client: LA Weekly

George W. Bush depicted as the devil incarnate on this 2004 LA Weekly magazine cover.

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