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Mireya Gartland: Vulnerability, a Narrative

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Next Photographer / Next Photographer / 2016

Photograph Description 1
Suspended in space, I captured my character held in an awkward perspective floating between blocks of colour. My aim was to create an abstracted dimension that exposed my subject as vulnerable; a constant theme that is discovered in all of my characters.

Photograph Description 2
The two women in the bathtub are mirrors of each other, the book binds them, as the title suggests, “The Beautiful and The Damned.”

Photograph Description 3
When I first began delving into my colour series, I was focused on constructing perfectly composed images within symmetrical lines. This image was my first breakaway from this mentality as I began to play with awkward angles and juxtaposing the vanishing point against the centre of focus. The lines lead off the image, yet our attention is brought to the girls face in the middle of the page.

Photograph Description 4
The theme behind this image, like my photos above, is centred on vulnerability, yet it discusses the acceptance of our vulnerabilities by capturing a couple in an intimate yet exposed environment. A great vastness filled with tender emotion.

Photograph Description 5
Capturing the vulnerability of the subject, I placed her as the focal point in a very linear setting. The gridded lines of the location contrasted against the tender curve of her body, I am drawn to show the juxtaposition between abstracted emotion and linear landscapes.

Photographer's Profile
Involved in the artistic community from a young age, Mireya grew up between the States and Spain, where her family had a gallery curating works of Spanish artists. The last year and a half of her photographic endeavours have focused on designing narratives exploring vulnerability, innocence and intimacy through the use of colour, vast landscapes and shapes.

  • Mireya Gartland: Photographer + Art Director
  • Mireya Gartland: Photographer + Art Director
  • Mireya Gartland: Photographer + Art Director
  • Mireya Gartland: Photographer + Art Director
  • Mireya Gartland: Photographer + Art Director

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