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Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Next Photographer / Next Photographer / 2015

Background & Solution –
A personal series exploring the use of my Glaswegian language through self portraits detaching the word from its context.

Image 1: The word 'Glaikit' is a Glaswegian slang for looking glazed over or detached, almost dumbed down. The idea of using ice cream and sprinkles to cover the face removed the emotion normally attached to ice cream and created a link to my Glaswegian language.

Image 2: The word 'Sleekit' is Glaswegian for slang to describe someone as flattering or good looking, I used the flowers and clothing to connote this feminine word in a masculine way. The flowers are my mothers favourite, a word she often called me and my brother growing up.

Image 3: The word 'Doin' is normally associated with violence and fighting. I wanted to take that edge away from the word using the sprinkles and ice cream cones to make it fragile, soft and colourful. Like Glaikit, I linked the two through style.

He's so Glaikit ama do him.

Photographer's Name –
John Gribben

Photographer's Profile –
I am a 26 year old self taught photographer from Glasgow living in London. I have worked as a high school art and design teacher before following my passion of photography.

I like to explore the idea of collage in my personal work, making the images look digitally manipulated when there is only basic colour adjustments. I want to continue to explore the use of language in my photography.

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