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Find Your Animal: Black Capped Capuchin / Small Clawed Otter / The Little Penguin

Award: Wood Pencil

Wood Pencil / Radio / Radio Commercials / 2009

Black Capped Capuchin Scene: High rise apartment, distant traffic Interviewer: So, why the black hat all the time? Man (30s, Brazilian): You like the black hat, huh? Interviewer: Yes, it's nice. Man Yeah, it's nice and sexy. I wear my black hat because I got a wide head. So it gives that slimming effect on my head. Interviewer: Oh really? Right. So it's not because you're actually, secretly going bald? Man: No no no, definitely I'm not bald. Interviewer: It's because of the fatness of your upper head? Man: Yes, exactly. Because of the fact that... Interviewer OK. Do you mind if I just have a look? Man: No no no, ah no ah ah ah no... No... I might, catch a cold. SFX: Scene Fades MVO: His animal? The Black-capped Capuchin. Find your animal at the Perth Zoo. Small Clawed Otter Scene: Small room Interviewer: So, what's it like to have such abnormally small hands? Man (20s, Chinese): Well... can't play sports. Can't play basketball, volley ball – any ball. Interviewer (concerned): Do people take advantage of you? Or... Man: People like to slap you because they know you can't slap them back. Interviewer: But what's it like with the ladies? Man: Ahh... The nice ones, some nice looking ones sometimes they just think – aww, small hands, must be small pe- Interviewer gasps Man: Personality. Interviewer: Oh, small personality – right. SFX: Scene fades MVO: His animal? The Small Clawed Otter. Find your animal at the Perth Zoo. Little Penguin Scene: Small room Interviewer: I couldn't help but notice how tiny you are! Man (30s, little person, angry): Tiny? I can't help but notice how much of a f***wit you are! Interviewer (Concerned): Okay, ah... Do you think it's true that shorter people are angrier? Man (annoyed): Ahh! What do you f***ing think!? Interviewer: Well it's just a question. Man: It's a f***ing sh** question. Interviewer: I've just got another couple of questions. Man (cutting in): Nah nah nah, no you don't – f*** off! Interviewer: Well look... Man: I've had enough. Take your skinny pants and your scarf and f***ing f*** off. SFX: Man tipping over furniture, kicking the interviewer out of his house. Interviewer: Well I'm sorry I just... Man: Aargh, f***ing hell. F*** off! SFX: Door Slams, scene fades MVO: His animal? The Little Penguin. Man: Na na na... Lanky c**t. MVO: Find your animal at the Perth Zoo.

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