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New Blood Entry — Audible TOV Guide

Award: Graphite Pencil

Audible / 2022

Create a brand world. How does one create a brand world for the brand composed of thousands of imaginary worlds? After carefully studying the demographic, diligently crafting consumer insights, and ideating across several pages, I had a glorious load of crap. That is until I stumbled on an Audible cancellation page stating: “If anyone asks, it was mutual.” It made me laugh (well, breathe slightly harder through my nose) and I realized the core of Audible was entertainment. Some listeners come for fantasy adventures, some come for true-crime podcasts, some come simply to fill the empty voids in their lives, but ALL come to be entertained. Audible’s interface brand voice needed to put on a show while still providing convenient and effortless navigation. Thus, my D&AD Audible brief was born.