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New Blood Entry — Period Academy

Award: Yellow Pencil

McKinsey Design & The Case For Her / 2019

Most Dads don’t know how to react when their daughters get their first period. In fact, they avoid the topic by asking their daughters to speak to their moms about it instead.

We conducted a survey asking young girls who they could talk to about periods, out of the many options that were given (mother, siblings, relative, friends) there was one that no one picked, which was the option “father.”

“I don’t know about it”, “It’s a mom’s job.” , “it’ll only make things awkward” or “I’ve never thought about it” These are the common excuses given by fathers when asked why they would not talk to their daughters about her menstruation.

But in this day and age of modern parenting where parents are speaking to their kids about sex, dads are still avoiding this topic completely.

Menstrual stigma starts the very moment a girl gets her period, when she is unable to speak to her father about it.

But when a daughter is able to do so, it lets her know that she can go up to him with any range of challenges without the fear of shame and judgment.

Since dads never had their menstrual education back when they were younger, it’s never too late to send them back to school and educate them now.

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