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New Blood Entry — spLAsh

Award: Graphite Pencil

adidas / 2019

The challenge I was set was to help encourage young females aged 14-17 years to engage with a sport and to ‘build them a future in their city’s pitches, fields and court of play’.I choose swimming as a sport and LA as I believe there is a problem with funding swimming lessons. In comparison to the UK children in the LA have to pay to be taught how to swim. This can be a problem for people living in disadvantaged areas of LA.

I believe spLAsh is a great service which could work in real life. Abandoned motels is a big problem in LA. spLAsh will use these abandoned motels to create a weekend swimming service for the target audience.

“Just under 70% of African-American children surveyed said they had no or low ability to swim. A further 12% said they could swim but had “taught themselves”-BBCNews (2010).

I choose to use this great insight and the fact that there are a lot of abandoned motels around LA to make this big idea. In addition to this splash would target schools, where there are a high population of African-American young females, however, will also cater for other races. spLAsh targets disadvantaged communities where parents are not able to effort swimming lessons for their daughters.

I choose to call the service ‘spLAsh’ as I loved the way it could be written. The word incorporates ‘LA’ and is associated with swimming. The graphical elements include shapes you will find in swimming pools.

**NONE of the footage is my own, these are clips put together by myself with my own graphic design. Music by Zara Larson, Lush Life, both videos used: Nir Hoffman, LA in 4K and Adidas, Pay It Foward.

This idea was a creative response to a hypothetical brief set by adidas as part of the New Blood Awards programme.

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