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New Blood Entry — Karoline K Andersen, Bartolomeu Jacq

Award: In Book

Branding / 2013

Tropos is a platform. A scheme. A new way of doing business. A radical change of perspective in the automobile industry. Tropos is a new lifestyle, a new way of being. Tropos is the answer for those who are young, free and independent, for those to whom a car is not something you own, but something you use. Our insight is the fact that younger people, specifically 18 - 24 years olds, almost do not buy cars. According to data published in 2011, this part of the target audience accounted to less than 1% of the overall car sales. Following a Japanese martial art principle - rather than trying to fight this fact - our idea, tropos, embraces it, and deflects its attacking force into its own advantage. The big idea is to bring the 1% to zero. Tropos is primarily made for young people who live in cities. They are comfortable with public transport, increasingly non-committal and used to non-ownership usage on platforms such as spotify, airbnb and couchsurfing. They are the future - to them, the impact of traditional vehicles on the environment is a serious matter. Therefore, tropos’ main attraction is electric cars, LEAF cars. And that is why it is only introduced in cities, where travel distances are always within range. We believe the idea could, in near future, help eliminate current anguishes when it comes to sustainable vehicles like the driving experience, or, specifically for 100% electric cars: range anxiety. Research shows that such problems dissipate as people start using their cars and realise that they don’t actually run out of battery on their way to pick up the kids. As more and more people use the scheme, more and more people become ambassadors of the product, ultimately, becoming loyal to Nissan. We propose the scheme to initially be developed from a beta perspective, introduced by stages. Let it first be implemented in trial cities and use the experience to shape the direction of the overall, global platform. Because of the flexible logo, each city will adapt the scheme to suit their individuality and gain recognition throughout the world for their sustainable efforts in collaboration with Nissan. tropos SHIFT_forward

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