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New Blood Entry — Georgia Kersley

Award: In Book

Applied Graphics / 2013

For my concept, I decided to completely rebrand BATISTE and aim my product at the older teenager / woman. I felt the bright, ostentatious, exaggerated design that is currently used doesn’t target older women and my approach was to create a more sophisticated style that would appeal to a wider market. I began researching current hair products and decided that my designs were going to be clean-cut and elegant looking. After lots of different design ideas: “what type of woman are you” gave me room for more focus and a strong, catchy advertising campaign that would captivate consumer’s attention and make it more personal to them. Brand language is a feature that is a main factor when buying a product so: Re-vitalise, Re-intensify, Re-energise, and Re-ignite are short snappy descriptions as to what each individual type of dry shampoo can do for them. As are: “DAY,” “NIGHT,” “WORK,” and “PLAY.” The gold can represents money and wealth; which comes from working. The iridium representing the woman who likes to party and go out in the evenings as it is quite dark and reminds me of evenings, and so on. The colour scheme of black type on the four precious metals (gold, silver, bronze and iridium) gives a luxurious, iridescent effect and reflects the light beautifully. As in the image of the point of sale, I imagine the main holder to be glass as this compliments the strong metals brilliantly, leaving the focus purely on the cans themselves. The positioning of the cans in the webpage screenshot image and the bus stop advertisement represent a strong woman, whom others may look up to. Like celebrities: women and young teenage girls look up to celebrity endorsed adverts, wanting to have that exact hair product or handbag and this is an opportunity for women to feel like this without celebrities.

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