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New Blood Entry — Stavros Siamptanis

Award: Yellow Pencil

Crafts - Illustration / 2011

The Pink Floyd Sundial is an illustrative and exceptional sun clock of colossal dimensions. The sundial can be placed and presented in the middle of a city square so that pedestrians can view and experience it. It’s design and main idea were inspired mainly by “Jantar Mantar”, a series of astronomical instruments situated in a square in the modern city of New Delhi in India. A cylindrical cavity on the ground is used to cast a shadow to indicate the approximate time. In addition, in order to make the sundial more interesting, a series of decorative illustrations based on the songs embellish the inner surrounding wall of the cavity. The illustrations are associated with a psychedelic, spiritual and sophisticated character so they can connect with Pink Floyd fans which are the main target audience. Iconic imaging, (examples: the eye shape, or prisms) linked with the band was also used to a certain point to make this connection even stronger.

I have chosen the specific songs (Time and Eclipse) because of the interesting connections I found between their concept and the freedom and creativity that gave me. My approach was to integrate both concepts and put them into practice on one structure/installation that would give an unconventional and unique experience to the viewer.

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