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New Blood Entry — Andreas Rasmussen, Florian Spielhofer, Pranay Suri

Award: Nomination

Graphic Design - Packaging / 2010

Oats so simple-Quaker Oats

1/4: There is a feeling of freshness in nature. A feeling which elevates through all our senses. It’s a place where everything is balanced, a balance which creates a positive feeling within all of us. Giving us a whole new perspective of looking at the day.

2/4: NATURAL BALANCE: Our approach bears into consideration the busy and hectic lifestyle of our target group. We design a package which stands unique and is easily spotted by our consumers in the supermarkets. The many features of the package are developed around a universe of convenience for our consumers.

3/4- THE LABELS: The labels are developed in harmony with the package design. Simple and fresh. The colours chose are in accordance with the delicious taste of the oat meal in each package.

The Quaker Oats seal is wrapped around the package that reveals the freshness of the product when opened.

4/4: FEATURES: The package involves the consumer on many different levels. Besides giving an untouched feeling of a closed oat seed, the package provides the consumer with few other additional features.
We chose the materials very selectively using the traditional “three R’s” of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle which are important parts of a waste hierarchy.

The Spoon slides out from the top of the lid shaped like the curve. One side of the spoon is wide than the other side. This gives the consumer the option of eating the oat meal in the portion they wish to do. Material: Birchwood

The top half of the package is attached to the bottom half. It also holds the spoon which is separated from the oatmeal by a transparent film.
When opened, the whole top rips apart from the bottom in a natural motion like the opening of an oat seed. Material: Recyclable Paper and Biodegradable Polylactic acid plastic

The bottom half of the package contains the oat meal. Once the product is consumed the remaining package can be simply be put in the compost.
Material: Rwcyclable Molded Pulp.

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