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D&AD Annual 2020

It's Between You
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  • Art DirectionArt Direction for Film Advertising
  • Sound Design & Use of MusicAudio Composition


  • Brazil

Production Company

  • Iconoclast Brazil
  • Nash
  • PUNCH Audio


  • Rodrigo Moran
  • Eshan Ponnadurai
  • Facebook
  • Bosco Zubiaga-Delcla
  • Maz Sharafi
  • Taciana Lopes

Chief Creative Officer

  • Luiz Sanches

Creative Director

  • Pedro Corbett

Art Director

  • Juliana Utsch
  • Andre Firulo


  • Erick Mendonça
  • Pedro Corbett

Agency Producer

  • Diego Villas Bôas
  • Aline Silva


  • Gui Bohn
  • Ian Ruschel

Director of Photography

  • Mauricio Padilha
  • Pierre de Kerchove

Assistant Director

  • Juliana Cretella

Executive Producer

  • Gregory Bogossian

Director of Production

  • Reinaldo Faria

Art Direction

  • Marcelo Reginato


  • Felipe Thomé

Post Production Company

  • NASH

Audio Production Company

  • Punch Áudio

Music Producer

  • Cris Pinheiro


  • Mateus Polati
  • Cris Pinheiro
  • Tony Berchmans

Advertising Agency

  • AlmapBBDO

This film had a great responsibility as the first WhatsApp film in the world. Facebook and AlmapBBDO decided to tell a real story focused on Brazilian carnival, showing a relationship between carnival rivals and a great fire that changes this relationship through the app. To bring more reality to the story, they filmed in real samba communities in Rio, with real fire and with actors who are actually residents of these communities.