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Never Lost
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  • Facebook

Creative Chairman

  • David Droga

Global Chief Creative Officer

  • Neil Heymann

Co-Chief Creative Officer

  • Felix Richter
  • Tim Gordon

Global Head of Art

  • Alexander Nowak

Managing Director

  • Dan Gonda

Creative Director

  • Dustin Tomes
  • Marybeth Ledesma
  • Thom Glover
  • Jono Paull

Art Director

  • Paul Oberllin
  • Oscar Gierup


  • Josh Dimarcantonio
  • Stacy-Ann Ellis

Design Director

  • Maria Wan

Senior Designer

  • Eli Hochberg

Motion Graphics Designer

  • Michael Gaynor

Chief Creation Officer

  • Sally-Ann Dale

Director of Film Production

  • Jesse Brihn

Executive Producer

  • Mike Hasinoff

Film Producer

  • Carlos Valvidia

Associate Producer

  • Robert Matuluko

Music Supervisor

  • Mike Ladman

Talent Manager

  • Sunny Valencia

Graphic Studio Manager

  • Nereida Valles


  • Second Child

Post Production

  • Blacksmith


  • People's Faces


  • Kate Tempest

Sound Mix

  • Wave Studios

Advertising Agency

  • Droga5 New York

While Covid-19 has changed the world drastically, it’s also revealed the best of human nature as people find new ways to exist in this reality. To illustrate this, Droga5 New York released Never Lost - a found-footage film set to an excerpt from Kate Tempest's poetic song People’s Faces. It promotes Facebook’s Community help feature as well as reminding us that we’re never lost if we can find each other. Produced in only seven days and featuring footage shot less than 24 hours before release, the film achieved 205M+ online views, drove 358K to the help page and increased FB sentiment by 95%.

Comment from D&AD Community

  • As soon as you put the sound on and that track… It’s just incredible…It’s really emotional and I think it’s just really now and if we’re talking about craft and sound design without that track it’s just not the same thing.

    Lou Allen, Head of Production and Executive Producer, Factory Studios

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