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All That We Share – Connected
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  • Denmark

Production Company

  • New Land
  • TV 2 Denmark

Creative Director

  • Chaga Signe Bruun


  • Sophie Leegaard
  • Kristian Vestergaard
  • Thomas Torp

Casting Agency

  • Rikke Buxbom
  • Søren Rasmussen

Production Manager

  • Leonore Skousen


  • Christian Holten Bonke

Executive Producer

  • Thor Brammer Jacobsen


  • Nadja Kristensen

Director of Photography

  • Kasper Wind

Sound Design

  • Kevin Koch


  • Kristian Eidnes Andersen


  • Nicolaj Monberg

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Jacob Weinreich

Head of Brand Marketing

  • Vicky Wassmann Dahi

Head of Production

  • Helle Jensen

Social Media & Community Manager

  • Lars Aaes

Project Manager

  • Julie Møller Lindblad

Advertising Agency

  • TV 2 Denmark

Senior Brand Manager

  • Kasper Adsbøll

90% of the Danish population avoid speaking to strangers in public spaces. To address this issue, TV 2 Denmark created a social experiment to see how it affects people when they go from being strangers to being connected. The experiment needed a cast of people that were all connected to one another without knowing it themselves. These connections would end up as the storyline of the film. It took four investigative journalists four months’ of work to find this cast of 32 people. The film achieved over 66 million unpaid views.

Comment from D&AD Community

  • All That We Share was one of the biggest challenges ever seen in casting. It's the campaign every casting director would dream of but nobody would dare take up or know where to begin with.

    Edu Perez, Casting Director,

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