About D&AD Training

D&AD Training is a wide range of workshops and sessions. It's practical, enlightening and hands-on so you'll get to make things, write, draw, talk, practise and perfect. You'll be in the company of some pretty interesting people all waiting to share their ideas and encourage yours. Legends with big names and bulging awards cabinets like Michael Johnson from johnson banks, 200-time D&AD winner Alexandra Taylor, ECD and entrepreneur Tom Evans, and more.

Most sessions take place at the D&AD studio in Shoreditch, London, a brand new space just a short walk from Liverpool Street, Shoreditch High Street, Aldgate East and Whitechapel with lots of natural light.

It's an opportunity to finesse your craft skills, stretch your imagination, build your confidence, challenge your ideas, trash your comfort zone, get out of your rut and break your routines.

Call it professional development if you like, call it an investment in your future, call it a 35,000 mile service. But just make sure you do it.

Start making your best work yet. Choose the sessions that suit you most.

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