What Exactly Is New Blood?

New Blood aims to reach young creatives from as far and wide as possible to offer inspiration, learning and genuine opportunities on the way into industry.

The New Blood Awards give full time students, recent graduates and under 24s around the world the chance to take on a variety of industry standard briefs set by global brands. Winning a New Blood Yellow, Black or White Pencil is an instant validation of your talent.

The New Blood Exhibition gives university students the chance to flaunt their best work in the face of the industry to make meaningful connections that lands their first break.

The New Blood Festival is a creative takeover where multiple brands, agencies and studios open their doors for keen young minds to experience it from the inside.

The New Blood Academy is an intensive two-week bootcamp filled with inspiring and agitating talks, briefs, hacks and workshops. Young creatives who receive In Book or higher in the New Blood Awards, or who impress at the New Blood Exhibition, are invited on this unique learning experience.

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New Blood is...